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ROCK N ROLL SOCCER: The Short Life and Fast Times of the North American Soccer League, by Ian Plenderleith. This is the blog to back the book hailed as "fantastic" by Danny Kelly on
Talksport Radio, and described as a "vividly entertaining history of the league" in the Independent on Sunday. In the US, Booklist described it as "a gift to US soccer fans". The UK paperback edition published by Icon Books is now available here for just £8.99, while the North America edition published by St. Martin's Press/Thomas Dunne Books can be found here for $11.98. Thank you.

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Rock n Roll Soccer: chapter titles

The Author's Note of Rock n Roll Soccer is keen to state that "this is an analysis, not a complete history of the North American Soccer League". The cover blurb, by contrast, is necessarily a superficial summation of both the NASL and the book's 400 pages. Until the book hits the stores, perhaps a list of the chapter headings can better convey the Contents:

Foreword by Rodney Marsh
1. Atlanta, ‘Champions of England’
2. Pelé vs Eusebio: ‘Hot property getting mobbed’
3. Leaving old Europe behind
4. Marsh and Best: Entertaining the USA
5. Gimmicks, girls and teenage kicks: Selling soccer to the US public

The 1968 NASL champions, the Atlanta Chiefs, who
were challenged to a re-match by an aggrieved
Manchester City side on tour
(Dick Cecil private archive). 
Half-time (some miscellaneous and subjective NASL lists)

6. Brilliant mistakes: Quicksilver teams in Vegas and Honolulu
7. The NASL vs FIFA and the world
8. Broken teams in dysfunctional DC: Cruyff, the Dips, the Darts and the Whips
9. Myths and memories: The Cosmos, the Fury and the rock n roll lifestyle
10. Crash


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